"When we became aware of the need to actively address equity and inclusion in Lakeview School District, the Board approved hiring Pace 4 Change. Together we have explored our areas for growth, engaged students, parents, staff, and community and begun to change the culture of Lakeview. Many of our educators have indicated that their work with Pace 4 Change is the most important work they have been engaged in at Lakeview. I have confidence that, through our partnership with Pace 4 Change, the changes we are making will be impactful and sustainable."

Kathleen Moore, President
Board of Education, Lakeview School District

"Karen Pace and her colleagues were instrumental in helping us plan and carry out a long-term, intentional transformation process -- one that would nurture the principles of equity and justice in the hearts and minds of our work force. They did this by training more than 50 people (in three cadres, over four years) to facilitate dialogue on issues of oppression, power, and privilege. Those who have been touched by this work, including both staff and community members, consistently describe it as life-changing, healing, and essential to fully realizing the health of our communities. With each succeeding year I continue to be impressed by Karen's diligence as a fully invested partner with us on this journey."

Doak Bloss
Ingham County Health Department

"The amazing work of Karen Pace and her training partners has profoundly impacted my life, both personally and professionally. As a result of her trainings, I have a deeper understanding of the ways both privilege and oppression play out in my life, and in the world around me, creating a path for me to have more meaningful and authentic relationships with important diverse people in my life. After participating in a series of Karen's trainings, I have witnessed my co-workers challenging themselves and our organizational practices and MDRC is more aware and more dedicated to challenging privilege and oppression within our organization and taking steps to becoming more multicultural."

Melinda Haus-Johnson, Program Manager
Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

"My experience with Karen and her team has been transformational. The work that Pace4Change has done with Lakeview School District has been a gift to me personally and as a teacher. I now have a deeper understanding of issues related to equity and white privilege and can see how these play out in my own life and in my classroom. I feel inspired and empowered to apply my learning to all the work that as I do as an educator so that every student can thrive and succeed. I deeply appreciate how Pace4Change has challenged and supported me in a process that has allowed me to reflect, grow and be a voice for positive change."

Candice Skrceny, Teacher
Lakeview School District

"Karen and her team have helped Public Policy Associates to take significant steps toward becoming the organization we want to be. Her approach is thoughtful and methodical, well informed by the literature on diversity and inclusion. At the same time, she is flexible enough to learn and incorporate our organizational goals and idiosyncrasies. Together, we designed a seven-session, 36-hour series that provided important new background information, showed that the differences in life experiences of target and non-target groups are not just real but vivid, and equipped us to act on the new knowledge we gained. Our relationship did not end with the series: it just began. Karen and her team are now part of our external advisory, just like our CPA, banker, lawyer, and management consultants. They make us a stronger, smarter organization."

Jeffrey D. Padden, President
Public Policy Associates, Inc.

"I have been changed, charged, and inspired by all that I've learned from Karen Pace. It's impossible to walk away from a workshop and not question assumptions and messages that we've integrated into our minds from cultural, familial, and community messages about what is "normal," "beautiful," and "right," and who, by definition, are the "outsiders."

Karen and her training partners have challenged me to wake up to my own privileges as well as to consider how my own personal target group identities of race and gender have shaped my life. As a school administrator, I also invited Karen to my district where she led a powerful workshop for all of the counselors and social workers.

Thank you, Karen, for making a difference in my life. Status quo is no longer an option!"

Valerie J. Smith
K-12 Public School Administrator (retired)